Sound Proofing and

Double Glazing

Sash window, casements and door specialists

Today's busy life styles come with certain problems that plague everyone of us at some point, "Noise" comes in many different forms, whether you live near a busy road, next to a popular bar or just have noisy neighbours. We have a range of products and solutions to help reduce outside noise pollution.

Noise travels through the air, so firstly we would encourage starting with The Sash Management Draught proofing system, eliminating the gaps around your sashes, casements and doors will cut out a high percentage of the noise.

Next removal of the glass from your windows and replace it with our sound reducing acoustic glass, its no different to look at and will fit into the original rebates, the sound is blocked out and a huge difference in outside noise is felt.

The final step would be to introduce secondary glazing to the inside of your current window, normally face fixed it literally gives you a second interior window thus dramatically cutting the noise levels. Secondary glazing has come a long way and is now available in vertical, horizontal, hinged units and a lift out option. These secondary glazing units also have the ability to utilise Tilt & Turn which offers easy access to your main window for cleaning and maintenance. They come with varying thicknesses of glass from clear float glass to laminate glass and finally acoustic glass.