The Sash Window History

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The Sash Window has been with us since the late 17th Century and still looks as elegant now as it did more than 300 years ago. The origins of the sash window has been the subject of much debate for many years with some believing they were first designed in Holland, other historians believe the sash window to have stemmed from France due to the word 'sash' being derived from the French word ' chassis' meaning frame. Another train of thought is the sash window spread from Holland, through France into England.

The earliest known use of sash windows in this country was in the later part if the 17th Century at Chatsworth House ( c1676 - 1680 ), Hampton Court Palace & Kensington Palace. Sash windows during the Georgian era were commonly designed with very large glazing bars and small panes of glass 6/6 ( 6 panes over 6 panes or more ), this was due to the low quality glass, making large panes impossible. As we moved into the Victorian era improvements in materials and techniques allowed much larger panes of glass to be installed along with more aesthetic slender frames.

Our Heritage

The Sash Management Company is dedicated in the restoration and refurbishment of traditional sash windows, casements and doors thus preserving a small part of our British heritage.